Squarespace Blog Table of Contents Dropdown Plugin

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End scroll fatigue and find info fast

Are you tired of endless scrolling through your blog posts, trying to find the information you need?

Say hello to the Squareskills Table of Contents Dropdown Plugin. This isn't just any dropdown; it's a smart one. It automatically scans your blog posts, identifying page headings without you writing a single line of code. And the best part? It's fully compatible with native Squarespace blocks.

But wait, there's more. The plugin generates anchor links for each heading, which means you can link directly to specific sections from your own buttons or hyperlinks. With an option for it to remain sticky and stay on screen all the time, whether you want this feature on all your blog posts or just a select few, installation is a breeze with a simple copy-paste snippet.

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Digital Product - No Refunds

Sorry folks, this is a digital product so there's no way to refund.
If you're unsure if it'll work, just message me beforehand and let's talk.

Last updated Oct 13, 2023

Enhance User Experience on Your Blog with the Squareskills Table of Contents Dropdown Plugin, Offering Dynamic Navigation for Long Articles and Customizable Positioning.

Easy To Install!
Just paste the code into your footer injection and add one block to each section you'd like to add to your slider!
No code knowledge needed!
Copy, paste and update as you please!
Free Updates!
If updates are made to the plugin, they will be available for free to all buyers by default.
No jQuery needed!
No need for jQuery or any other Javascript libraries!
Improved Accessibility
The plugin is designed with basic accessibility in mind, including keyboard navigation and ARIA attributes for screen readers. However, for full compliance with W3C's accessibility guidelines, additional features and testing may be required.
Unlimited License
Buy once and use this on unlimited websites.
Mobile Optimised
This plugin works on desktop, tablet and mobile!
Blog Pages Only
This plugin will only work on blog pages. It may be expanded to other pages in the near future. If you have already downloaded the plugin, you can update for free!
Squarespace 7.1
Please note that this plugin is designed for 7.1 only. It may work on 7.0 but has not been tested. Specific 7.0 functionality may be added for free at a later date.
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Squarespace Blog Table of Contents Dropdown Plugin

0 ratings
I want this!